Mayor Adams: Vaccine Mandates Will Remain Until 100% of New Yorkers are Vaccinated

Anyone who was optimistic about Eric Adams taking over New York City is being rapidly disabused. Elected to fight crime, Adams is instead pushing veganism and standing by Bill de Blasio's illegal vaccine mandate.

New York City workers protested against the municipal worker vaccine mandate on Friday, which was the deadline for city workers to get vaccinated or risk losing their job.

Protesters gathered in New York City on Friday amid reports that 1% of the 370,000-person city workforce is unvaccinated and is at risk of losing their jobs if they don't show compliance with the city's mandate, which requires that they receive two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rules are rules, you know.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams did not back down on the mandate and said during a press conference that living in a "complex" city means that citizens must follow rules.

"Living in a city as complex like this, there must be rules. We must follow them. The rule is to get vaccinated if you're a city employee. You have to follow that," Adams said.

That's a dumb "authoritarian" argument, as the media likes to say.

This is a city where his pal DA Alvin Bragg decided that armed robbery should be all but legalized, in which thugs can violently beat people and be out on the street the next day, but rules are rules.

Adams offers tautology leading to nothing in the way of a coherent defense of this particular rule. 

“Well, the rule was in place during the previous administration, and we have to be clear when there’s a rule in place, because it sends the wrong message, that, if we do not have the continuation of how to keep our city safe,” he said. 

We have to follow a bad idea from the previous administration because otherwise it sends the wrong message? Oh boy.

That's followed by the highly dubious claim that the people he intends to fire are actually quitting.

“They’re quitting. I’m not terminating, they’re quitting,” he said. “We don’t want to terminate anyone — we want people to be vaccinated and employed so that our economy can continue to open — and the fastest way to get that open is for us to have a safe environment.” 

You can see why Adams compared himself to Biden. They both speak in reductive word salads.

Also Adams is trying to keep mask mandates in place while claiming that he opposes them.

Asked about mandates at an unrelated news conference in the Bronx on Thursday, Adams prefaced his answer by saying he wants to “get rid of these darn masks so bad.”

But he quickly added that he would rather live with “the discomfort of wearing a mask” than run the risk of easing restrictions too early.

“And [then] we’re right back to where we started,” he said. “So I want to err on the side of caution.”

When does the wall come down? When 100% of New York City is vaccinated.

On Thursday, Adams was pressed on whether he envisioned a vaccination threshold that would allow the city to lift its vaccine mandates. More than 75% of New Yorkers are currently fully vaccinated.

The mayor said he would let his health experts decide. “I’m sure, knowing them, because they are very conservative, they’re going to say 100%,” he said.

100%. That would mean every single New Yorker has to be vaccinated or the vaccine mandates remain in place. Until then, keep on wearing your masks.

I did warn you about Eric Adams at a time when the same social media types who are eager to turn lefties into culture heroes because they seem to agree with conservatives on one or two issues.

Now there's four more years of this unless Adams gets taken down by a scandal. I would give that one good odds.


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