Biden Budget Calls for "Equity" Offices Across America

Considering that equity is shorthand for affirmative action and other forms of legalized racial and other kinds of discrimination, this should be fiercely rejected.

Worse still, the Biden administration declares that "equity" drives all of its decisions.

The 2023 budget contains a paragraph titled, "Advancing Equity as a Core Part of Government Management and Decision Making Processes."

The paragraph mentions that, "the Budget provides resources to hire Federal agency talent and expertise needed to help embed equity in agency decision making and policy-making, such as civil rights legal expertise, human-centered design, public engagement and participatory design, evaluation and evidence design, planning and analysis, and data science.  For example, the Budget includes resources to:  expand the Department of Labor’s Civil Rights Center in order to begin establishing regional offices across the Nation that can be more responsive to regional equity challenges."

We need "regional equity centers" to deal with "regional equity challenges" as much as we need local chapters of the Communist Party or the Nation of Islam.

This is how the leftist infrastructure spreads and embeds itself deeply in every crevice of our society and then suddenly you have Labor Civil Rights Center investigations of a small business in Salt Lake City over "equity".

And it's not as if it's hidden. It's right there in the details of the administrative state. But too few Republicans make fighting it into a priority.


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