Disney's Core Audience Isn't Families, It's Socially Awkward Adult Fandoms

Marvel's movie sausage factory has scored over $25 billion worldwide.

Disney's theme parks are still profitable, in the billions, but they're one of the least profitable elements of the Mouse Empire. (Forget Mickey and Donald, even Disney may not be able to bribe enough D.C. politicians to hang on to the IP rights.)

Disney still cashes in by exploiting kids, but, much like Marvel and DC, they've long since moved on to adults and the virtue signaling that comes with that.

Adult immaturity is much more profitable than catering to kids and while Disney isn't giving up on cashing in on kids,  its business model is acquiring and developing intellectual properties or IP that an older audience is deeply invested in. Adult fandom instead of kid fandom. Is that a smart business move?

$25 billion. Hard to argue with that. And that's not counting licensing and all the rest.

That means going woke and super-woke. 

Even when it comes to theme parks, the Disney Adults are the 'whales' who spend a lot of the money and they tend to be lefties. Disney had already begun to shift to accommodate its weirdo base on sociosexual issues. That meant caring a lot less about building a magical wonderland for kids and more about catering to men and women in their thirties who still want to pretend they're kids.

What you're seeing is the end result of that policy. 

Kids can go away. Disney's audience is socially awkward adults who actually hate kids. And yes, they're exactly the sorts of folks who think schools sexually grooming young children is the best thing ever.  

Disney isn't in the business of bringing wonder to children, but of enabling creepy adults more likely to sexually abuse children than to raise them.

It's a very small world they've got after all.


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