Only 3% Think COVID is the Most Important Problem Facing America

Another data point for the preference cascade.

In Jan, 20% of Americans thought COVID was the most important problem facing Americans, in Feb it was 13%, and in March, it's down to 3%. 

Tied with health care and lack of energy sources.

Inflation has gone from 8% to 10% to 17%. The economy is at 11%. Gas prices are at 4%. 

Only 2% think that the wealth gap is an important issue. Racism is down to 5%. Russia/Ukraine is at 9%.

So some of this is a function of media coverage. It can and will change. And possibly even turn around. Yet there's something remarkable about COVID going from the ultimate national priority that requires us to turn our lives upside down to something that isn't even a blip on the radar.

And this is something that keeps happening with marginal issues suddenly taking over everything before vanishing again.


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