Sometimes a Slap is Just a Slap

Just because politics is downstream of culture doesn't mean that everything that happens in the culture is political.

I've resisted tweeting, posting, and writing about the latest stupid thing everyone is supposed to be discussing until now. And the only thing I have to say about it now (and probably the only thing worth saying about it) is, to paraphrase a much more talented Hollywood star, "sometimes a slap is just a slap."

It's a mark of the Left's total politicization of everything that anything that happens, especially if it appears shocking, has to be shoved into a political context.

It doesn't. 

Not everything that takes place has a political meaning or is fodder for political commentary. It's the leftist fallacy to find root causes and higher meanings in everything, to examine them through cultural and political lenses. And that fallacy has infected conservatives to some extent. 

People do stupid things all the time. Not everything is meaningful or indicative of anything. 

When John Wayne punched out Frank Sinatra's bodyguard because he wanted to get some sleep, it was indicative of nothing except that he wanted to get some sleep.

Celebrities are not meaningful except that we make them so.


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