Zelensky's Holocaust Denial Should Be a Red Line for Jews

Ukraine's leader Zelensky had previously exploited and lied about the Holocaust, but not as much as he did in his attack on Israel.

First, Zelensky appropriated the Holocaust by falsely claiming that Putin's invasion is another genocide. It's wrong, but it's far from genocide.

"That is why I want to remind you of the words of a great woman from Kyiv, whom you know very well. The words of Golda Meir. They are very famous, everyone has heard of them. Apparently, every Jew. Many, many Ukrainians as well. And certainly no less, Russians: “We intend to remain alive. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This is not a question that leaves much room for compromise.”

The Jews actually faced genocide at the hands of the Nazis and the Ukrainians. They face genocide again at the hands of Ukraine's Iranian trading partners.

No one who hasn't completely bought into the insane propaganda believes that Putin is about to kill millions of Ukrainians, to march men, women and children into pits and machine gun them, as the Nazis and Ukrainians did to the Jews at Babi Yar.

He's trying to conquer Ukraine yes, exterminate the people living there, no.

"I don’t need to convince you how intertwined our stories are. Stories of Ukrainians and Jews. In the past, and now, in this terrible time. We are in different countries and in completely different conditions. But the threat is the same: for both us and you – the total destruction of the people, state, culture. And even of the names: Ukraine, Israel," Zelensky asserts.

Again, simply not true. And it's appropriation that only gets worse.

That is why I have the right to this parallel and to this comparison. Our history and your history. Our war for our survival and World War II.

Listen to what the Kremlin says. Just listen! There are even terms that sounded then. And this is a tragedy. When the Nazi party raided Europe and wanted to destroy everything. Destroy everyone. Wanted to conquer the nations. And leave nothing from us, nothing from you. Even the name and the trace. They called it “the final solution to the Jewish issue”. You remember that. And I’m sure you will never forget!

But listen to what is sounding now in Moscow. Hear how these words are said again: “Final solution”. But already in relation, so to speak, to us, to the “Ukrainian issue”.

This is wildly dishonest. It's a combination of Holocaust minimization and exploitation, which quickly becomes inversion with the Ukrainians as the new Jews and the Jews as the apathetic people ignoring genocide.

"Our people are now scattered around the world. They are looking for security. They are looking for a way to stay in peace. As you once searched," Zelensky argues.

People of Israel!

You saw Russian missiles hit Kyiv, Babyn Yar. You know what kind of land it is. More than 100,000 Holocaust victims are buried there. There are ancient Kyiv cemeteries. There is a Jewish cemetery. Russian missiles hit there.

People of Israel!

On the first day of this war, Russian projectiles hit our city of Uman. A city visited by tens of thousands of Israelis every year. For a pilgrimage to the tomb of Nachman of Breslov. What will be left of all such places in Ukraine after this terrible war?

One can keep asking why we can’t get weapons from you. Or why Israel has not imposed strong sanctions against Russia. Why it doesn’t put pressure on Russian business. But it is up to you, dear brothers and sisters, to choose the answer. And you will have to live with this answer, people of Israel.

Ukrainians have made their choice. 80 years ago. They rescued Jews. That is why the Righteous Among the Nations are among us.

The actual choice that Ukrainians, including national heroes like Bandera, made was to collaborate with the Nazis and kill Jews.

This isn't just appropriation, it's Holocaust revisionism verging on denial. 

Zelensky is lying about the Holocaust and using it to smear Jews whole advocating for his country. There's nothing unusual about that in the region where the Polish government bans the history of the Holocaust and Putin suppresses the history of Communist atrocities under the Soviet Union. 

But it's still despicable.

Jews have spent too much time fawning over Zelensky because he is of Jewish descent. His abuse of the Holocaust to cover up Ukraine's role in the Holocaust while attacking Israel should be a red line.

It should be.


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