AMA Will Use "Equity" to Fight "Anti-Fat" Bias Among Doctors

Somewhere deep underground there's a guy throwing darts at a big dartboard.

Who's going to be the next victimhood group?

Apparently, fat people

Doctors often approach the practice of medicine with an anti-fat bias and struggle to communicate with patients whose weight exceeds what’s considered the normal range.

There's no such as "anti-fat bias".It's an unhealthy condition, much like any other, and the job of doctors is to point that out to patients.

If someone is smoking two packs a day, is the doctor guilty of an "anti-smoking bias"? If they insist on having promiscuous unprotected sex, are the doctors "slut shaming" them?

If the AMA doesn't want doctors to do their jobs, they can just jettison actual medicine and attribute everything to social conditions and capitalism.

Like they're already doing.

The American Medical Association has come under fire for publishing an 'Orwellian' guide to 'equity' that promotes critical race theory and pushes Marxism.

AMA bosses published Advancing Health Equity on October 28, complete with a list of 'problematic' words physicians should stop using such as 'vulnerable,' 'high risk' and 'minority.' The document also criticizes meritocracy and individualism.  

The 54-page guide argues that physicians are obligated to eliminate 'health inequities' by considering their language and the political circumstances behind certain groups, rather than focusing on individuals.

So it's time for more equity.

To counter that, the Association of American Medical Colleges plans to roll out in June new diversity, equity, and inclusion standards aimed at teaching doctors, among other things, about respectful treatment of people diagnosed as overweight or obese.

DEI. Is there anything it can't fix?

Embracing, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" should work wonders for medicine.


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