Biden to Tackle Baby Formula Crisis by Blaming Everyone Else

Good news.

The Biden administration, after being asked about the baby formula crisis at press conferences, has come out with a plan to tackle it by blaming everyone else.

The official White House press release consists of three points. The first two, which in terms of sheer size take up some 80% of the document, can be broken down into blaming the states for the crisis and then blaming companies for the crisis.

The last and the shortest paragraph, and the only halfway useful one, says that the FDA will look into the feasibility of importing baby formula.

Meanwhile, MSNBC commentator Jen Psaki claimed at a White House press conference that the real issue was "hoarding".

"Hoarding" is the usual Soviet and lefty response to any shortages. Of course, people "hoard" because there isn't enough available. Hoarding isn't the cause of the problem. To anyone except socialists, it's a symptom of the crisis. 

But thus far the Biden administration has managed to blame parents, states, and companies while refusing to take any responsibility.


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