California Corruption Just Showed Why Gov. DeSantis Was Right to Shut Down Disney's Government

After Governor Ron DeSantis struck a blow against corporate cancel culture by taking away Disney's mini-state, Governor Newsom and California politicians protested and urged Disney to move more of itself back to California.

Now there's a case out of California that demonstrates why Florida was right to limit Disney's power.

An FBI affidavit made public last week identified an employee of an influential, unnamed company as being a key participant in a “cabal” steering Anaheim’s government.

The employee of the firm, called “Company A” in the affidavit that’s part of a federal public corruption probe, helped script a statement read by an elected official before the City Council voted to issue bonds and provided input on whom to invite to a covert retreat for community powerbrokers.

Company A is Disneyland Resort, according to a person familiar with the investigation, and the employee is Disneyland Resort Director of External Affairs Carrie Nocella.

This is a little awkward after the media just spent months screaming that Disney should have its own government and that interfering is "authoritarianism". 

Biden ranted that the "far right has taken over the party" because, "Christ, they're going after Mickey Mouse." 

“The Real Reason Today's Republican Party Hates Corporations Like Disney,” wailed Will Bunch: the Philly Inquirer’s pet clickbait troll. Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado accused Gov. DeSantis of "authoritarian socialist attacks on the private sector".  A Washington Post op-ed even charged Rep. Lauren Boebert with wanting to "cancel Mickey Mouse."

Now the FBI may be passing near Mickey's house.

The company has long played a dominant role in Anaheim politics. Some current and former council members, local activists and a past mayor say Disneyland Resort has parlayed its influence into lucrative tax breaks at the expense of city residents and bankrolled friendly politicians with generous campaign donations.

Maybe Disney shouldn't have its own government?

And Gov. Ron DeSantis is once again ahead of the pack and has managed to make Democrats and their media look ridiculous.


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