Calling a "Mother's Day Strike" to Support Killing Babies

Lefties used to have some choice lines about fighting wars for peace. Isn't a mother's strike for killing babies the epitome of that?

TikTok users have planned a week-long women’s labor strike set to begin on Mother’s Day in protest of the leaked Supreme Court opinion set to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Allison Kolarik, 38, came up with the idea for the strike, after learning of the leaked opinion, according to NBC News.

“My gut reaction was one of, ‘Of course they did’ … and then rage,” Kolarik, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, told NBC.

Kolarik, an apparel company owner from New Jersey, later posted a video to TikTok to their more than 62,000 followers calling for a “national women’s strike.” Kolarik also established an official website to push for more support.

She uses gender-neutral pronouns but wants a national women's strike?

Maybe at some point the TikTok wing of the Democrat Party can take a consistent position on whether women do or don't exist.

Their movement went viral on the video-sharing platform and has garnered both support and critics, with the #MothersDayStrike2022 garnering over 550,000 views. Kolarik told NBC that at least 600,000 people have reached out via the website to express support for the strike.

5 of whom will actually show up.

Mother's Day was created to show appreciation for mothers. If your big goal in life is killing your children, the holiday probably isn't for you anyway.


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