Celebrity Environmentalist Glues Self to Starbucks Counter to Protest Price of Soy Milk

I hope he used green glue.

James Cromwell, also known as that guy from Babe, has been known for some dumb environmental protests. And PETA practically invented dumb protests. The only good thing about a collaboration between the two is that it didn't involve nudity.

The bad?

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell superglued himself to the counter of a Starbucks café in New York City on Tuesday to protest of the chain’s policy of charging extra for plant-based milk.

This isn't just first-world problems, this is 0.001% hipster problems.

When your big cause is the price of soy milk at Starbucks, you know you're not just privileged, but living in Privilege City.

The protest began shortly before 10 a.m. EST, according to livestreamed footage which was shared to Facebook by PETA on Tuesday morning. After gluing himself to the café counter, Cromwell — who has appeared in “Babe,” “L.A. Confidential” and “Succession” — read a prepared statement in which he denounced Starbucks’ vegan-milk upcharge, calling it harmful to the environment and discriminatory toward those who suffer from lactose-intolerance, which affects people of color at a greater percentage, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Video doesn't show a single "person of color" involved in the protest. Unless green is a color. Minorities can do some things, but not PETA protest dumb.

Meanwhile actual people of color and working class and middle class people of all colors are struggling with the price of actual milk.

“When will you stop raking in huge profits while customers, animals and the environment suffer?” said Cromwell, in part, while situated among a group of PETA-affiliated protestors near the Starbucks register. “When will you stop penalizing people for their ethnicities, their morals?”

After finishing his prepared statement, Cromwell and other activists began chanting, “Save the planet, save the cows. Stop the vegan upcharge now!”

"I'm sorry sir, this is a Starbucks."

Vegans really do go out of their way to make themselves hated.


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