DeSantis Appearance at Jewish Museum was Canceled by a "Trudy Chan"

The New York Times dug into the story of why a DeSantis appearance at an event taking place at the Jewish Museum in New York was canceled and came up with... nothing.

“Thanks for sharing this with me,” read an email to the fund from Trudy Chan, an official with the museum. Chan noted that providing security for the governor would not be a problem, but she added: “We would need to ascertain if there are any potential conflicts with your invited speakers. Please stand by.”

The next day, Chan asked the fund to “pause” its $11,500 deposit and requested a conversation with its leaders, according to emails. In subsequent phone calls, Eric Cohen, the CEO of Tikvah, was informed that an event with DeSantis could not be held at the museum, which describes itself as “a living memorial to the Holocaust,” because the “Parental Rights” bill does not align with its values of inclusivity, Cohen told The New York Times.

One presumes that Trudy Chan, who formerly worked in a similar position at the Intrepid museum, where I also noted wokeness creeping in during a previous visit, is not Jewish.

Who actually made that decision? Presumably, it was someone above Trudy Chan's level. But who knows.

The Museum and its leaders have publicly stated that this was not a political decision and it had to do with security and logistics. Except the above contradicts all that.

Someone is clearly lying here.

Either the museum's leadership asserted that the event didn't align with its values or it did. That's the basic question here.

Trudy Chan's email showed that the speakers themselves had to be cleared. On what grounds except for political ones? 


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