The Disinformation Board was Brought Down by Information

The difference between disinformation and information is often a matter of perspective. 

Disinformation is an Orwellian term which seeks to delegitimize opposing or different points of view by treating them as a "fundamental crisis of democracy". The Disinformation Governance Board, an illegitimate and disturbing institution, and even contemplating such a thing was an offense against the First Amendment.

And, appropriately enough, what brought the Disinformation Governance Board down was exactly information of the sort that it would like to get rid of.

Critics made Nina Jankowicz, her personality, her videos and her views, an issue. And they did so successfully enough that the board will get reset.

It will, like every movie monster and slasher movie villain, be back. Anything else is unthinkable.

Ever since Dems embraced the notion of a disinformation crisis after losing the 2016 presidential election, the concept has become crucial to their war on free speech and efforts to monopolize online narrative spaces.

But  Nina Jankowicz likely won't be a part of it.


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