The Draft Leak is an Organized Democrat Effort to Intimidate the Supreme Court

The simplest paradigm for predicting leftist tactics is understanding that the things they're accusing you of are the very same things that they have already done or, more likely, are planning to do.

Where do you think they got the idea?

Even as the Jan 6 Committee does its dog and pony show, the Democratic establishment along with its media decided to intimidate the Supreme Court with the unprecedented move of leaking a draft decision allegedly throwing out Roe v. Wade.

Insiders say that it was done by a clerk. That's probably true, though in today's environment there are other options. But considering the radical atmosphere in law schools, with speakers being shouted down and intimidated, does anyone really doubt that at least some of the clerks Sotomayor has would scruple at that?

The question of who leaked the document is less relevant than the obvious fact that this was a coordinated response by the Democrats and the media who had narratives, protests, and threats ready to go.

They clearly knew what was coming.

This is exactly what the Jan 6 Committee alleged, that is now playing out with a Democratic establishment staging protests and using inside information to terrorize one of the branches of government.

Where's the investigation?


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