Ex-Defense Secretary Baffled By Notion of Using Troops to Secure Border

Has globalism gotten so bad that "protect the country you're in" is an exotic and incomprehensible concept?

Just ask former Secretary of Defense Esper.

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who served in the role under former President Trump, recalled a “ridiculous” plan made during the Trump administration to send a quarter of a million troops to the U.S.’s southern border in a “60 Minutes” interview to be released Sunday.

Esper said the move had been suggested by then-White House senior advisor Stephen Miller.

“He’s behind me, and this voice talking about the caravans are coming and we need to get troops to the border, and we need a quarter million troops,” Esper said of Miller, saying that they were in the Oval Office waiting for a meeting with Trump at the time. “And I think he’s joking, and I turn around and look at him and these dead-pan eyes, clearly he is not joking.”

Esper said he “turned squarely around to him, faced him and said ‘I don’t have a quarter million troops to send on some ridiculous mission to the border.’”

“It’s just so absurd I can’t even consider it,” Esper continued after saying that people in his department were working on the plan to send a quarter million troops to the border.

“Again, we don’t have 250,000 troops to send to the border, and to do what?” continued Esper. “It’s just ridiculous.”

I understand Esper's confusion. It's like working at Starbucks and then spending so much time being told that your job is to spread enlightenment that you're confused when someone asks you to make him a cup of coffee.

The United States military, and I know this is a difficult concept for Esper, was brought into being to protect the nation's borders from foreign invasion.

We don't have a military to bring democracy to Afghanistan, Iraq or some Hellistan. Whether or not we should be doing that at all is a subject of debate, but what's both undeniable and incomprehensible to Esper is that this is what the military is for.

Do what? Esper asks.

What does a country do when millions of foreigners invade it? Maybe Esper can study some military history to look at the possibilities. What could one possibly do with the military to prevent huge numbers of people from invading it?

Don't ask Esper. He can't even understand the nature of the question. 


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