FBI Bosses Lied To Their Own People About Russiagate

After Russiagate, there's a lot of FBI bashing in conservative circles.

It's worth remembering that these guys represent the rank and file the way that Gen. Milley represents the troops. Democrats are very effective at taking over agencies and institutions from the top down. 

And so it's not surprising that it appears that FBI leadership was lying to its own people about Russiagate.

In the latest revelation to emerge from Sussmann’s trial in DC federal court on a count of lying to the FBI, special counsel John Durham’s prosecutors revealed that investigators had received an electronic communication citing a referral from the DOJ “on or about” Sept. 19, 2016, the same day Sussmann met with James Baker, then the FBI’s top lawyer.

The document, a record of the investigation being opened by agents Curtis Heide and Allison Sands and dated Sept. 23, 2016, did not mention Sussmann as the source of the allegations...

Sands, who testified late Monday afternoon, told jurors that she believed Heide had told her the referral came from the Department of Justice. 

The error was seized on by Sussmann’s defense attorney Michael Bosworth, who grilled Sands about whether Heide had lied to her – or if someone had lied to him about the source of the material. 

“You haven’t been interviewed in that [Durham] investigation?” Bosworth asked at one point. “No,” Sands responded.

Testifying for the prosecution Monday, FBI agent Ryan Gaynor revealed that bureau honchos shielded Sussmann’s identity from field agents who investigated the claims of a link between Trump and Alfa Bank as part of a longstanding practice known as a “close hold.”

Gaynor told prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis that the decision to hide where the information was made by top leadership at the FBI before the Alfa Bank material was given to the Chicago field office.

No doubt. 

The careerists often either had Clinton ties or hoped to cultivate them. They left others in the dark to protect themselves and the Clinton campaign. And the credibility of this whole smear campaign.


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