Fiona Hill: Putin Invaded Ukraine Under Biden, Because He's "Predictable", Would Surrender

This may not be the incredibly damaging argument that Fiona Hill thought it would be.

Hill, the British NSC adviser on Russia, a leftist currently at Brookings, keeps trying to bash Trump and praise the Democrats, but this isn't having quite the intended effect. Hill tries to explain away the obvious problem of why Putin invaded Ukraine under Obama and Biden, but not Trump. 

Apparently, he didn't like having to explain things and did like easy surrenders and predictable weakness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin often became frustrated with President Donald Trump over his lack of knowledge on geopolitical issues, Fiona Hill said, adding that this played into Moscow's decision on the timing of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

One of the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine with President Joe Biden in the White House was that he expected the US to "sue for peace" and thought it would be better to deal with Biden than trying to negotiate with someone like Trump, whom the Russian leader had "to explain everything to all the time,"

"He thought that somebody like Biden — who's a transatlanticist, who knows all about NATO, who actually knows where Ukraine is, and actually knows something about the history, and is very steeped in international affairs — would be the right person to engage with," Hill said.

"You could see that he got frustrated many times with President Trump because he had to keep explaining things, and Putin doesn't like to do that," Hill said, adding: "Even though he loves to be able to spin his own version of events, he wants to have predictability in the person that he's engaging with."

Again, not the compelling pro-Biden argument that Hill thought it would be.

Seems like maybe we need someone in the White House whom Putin doesn't want to have to deal with rather than the predictable fellow who will surrender on cue.

Mind you, this does inconveniently rub up against the whole, "Putin wants Trump in the White House" conspiracy theory that's been at the heart of every Dem attack from the Steele dossier to the Mueller investigation.


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