If Democrats Cared About School Shootings, They'd Protect Schools

Government buildings have lots of security. The hotels where lefty think tanks meet have security. And yet schools can't.

Democrats have spent a decade dismantling school disciplinary policies, while crying racism, fighting to keep police and armed security out of schools, and then throwing a tantrum after every school shooting, screaming that Republicans want kids to die because they won't ban guns.

Never mind that gun control has yet to stop a single shooting in Chicago. 

When any group or building is targeted, we harden it. That includes having armed security on site. Unfortunately, schools have become a top target. That wasn't always the case, but the media and Michael Moore decided to publicize the Columbine Massacre. A long series of school gunmen since have consciously followed in their footsteps. We know that they do it to be famous. And the media could stop giving them publicity, but keeps worsening the situation to make a pitch for gun control.

Democrats could agree to school security and sane disciplinary policies, and also lobby for gun control. But they're convinced that the more kids get shot, the better their odds of undoing the Second Amendment will be. And so they cultivate "gun-free zones" in schools and push out proposals like having armed teachers.

Why? Because they want more kids to die. 

The same sociopaths who refuse to protect and defend skills will spend the next week, broadcasting every funeral and ranting at length about "weapons of war" while hoping that another school shooting happens as soon as possible. 


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