Leftists Blame Jews for Losing Democrat Primaries

Predictable and despicable.

From Obama spokescreep Tommy Vietor (above) to cult leader and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson all of lefty Twitter, the blame for leftists failing to sweep primary elections and oust incumbents is... the Jews.

If it wasn't for those pesky Jews, the Squad would have grown three sizes overnight.

A whole lot of money has been pouring into primary races on both sides. The decision by leftists to make the outcome of the primaries about "Jewish money", about a Democratic Majority for Israel and AIPAC, is anti-semitism of a very traditional kind.

Leftists routinely pour money into local elections from outside the district. But when pump millions from the Bay Area or Park Slope into a primary race thousands of miles away, that's "grass roots energy", but when the accursed infidel Jews do it... well that's just evil.

Having lost some primaries because of antisemitic candidates, lefties are doubling down on the antisemitism.


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