Man Yelling "Go Back to China" at "Stop Asian Hate" Rally is the Wrong Race

The sound you heard was of a thousand media producers rushing to click on the link and then issuing a heartfelt sigh.

Then they think to themselves, "Maybe he can be a white Hispanic."

A Diamond Bar man was arrested Thursday on federal charges alleging he deliberately disrupted a “Stop Asian Hate” rally in March 2021.

Steve Lee Dominguez, 56, is accused of attempting to interfere with federal protected activities, according to a news release from the California Department of Justice. On March 21, while demonstrators in Diamond Bar attempted to use the crosswalk at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Diamond Bar Boulevard, Dominguez allegedly ran a red light in his vehicle, blocking the path of demonstrators lawfully using a crosswalk and yelling racial epithets at them.

The federal charges for this are nothing short of insane.

If convicted of the two charges in the indictment, Dominguez would face a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison.

The FBI investigated this matter. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department initially responded to the scene and assisted in this matter.

The FBI really doesn't have much to do these days, does it?

I imagine that LA County is perfectly capable of handling this case. Maybe the FBI can do something about a record murder rate after they take a break from investigating moms who attend school board meetings.

Anyway, this story would be the only thing you might see on the news if Steve wasn't suffering from George Zimmermanitis. 


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