Men, More Likely Than Women, to Support Intimidating Supreme Court Justices

Not exactly surprising.

But an important point considering lefties are wrapping their intimidation campaign under the guise of defending women.

The Trafalgar poll makes it clear that the vast majority of Americans oppose protests outside the homes of justices by a massive 75.8% to 15.9% margin.

Even Democrats oppose it 66.6% to 21.4% which is a helpful reminder that Twitter is not real life and that radical lefties are overrepresented in the marketplace of ideas while everyone else is being silenced, suppressed, or intimidated into being quiet.

The latest margin of support, unsurprisingly, is among 25-34-year-olds, and even there it's a mere 21.2% in favor and 71.6% opposed. Support for this kind of intimidation is highest among black people but still opposed by a significant margin.

13.2% of women support intimidating justices by protesting outside their homes along with 18.9% of men.

Men are much more likely to support this kind of ugliness than women are. There's a gender gap, but it runs counter to the narrative.


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