Schumer Will Continue Holding Meaningless Votes on Whatever Issue is Trending Right Now

Another way of reading this is that the majority party has abandoned its legislative agenda and will govern through executive orders while trying to hold test votes on whatever outrage is trending right now.

Is this supposed to turn the public against Republicans?

Since no one pays attention to Senate votes, mostly it's a stop-loss effort to placate furious Dem donors.

Schumer tried this with abortion and it didn't go anywhere. Next up, guns, guns, guns.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told colleagues Thursday morning that they should be prepared to vote on gun control legislation when they return to Washington next month after the Memorial Day recess, promising a showdown with Republicans after mass shootings in New York and Texas this month left 31 people dead.

Next week, it'll be more BLM or #MeToo or whatever is trending in the media right now.

This is what virtue signaling defeatism looks like.

Schumer is announcing his own irrelevance.


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