SF School System Solves 38% Black Student Proficiency Problem With Wokeness

Wokeness is a symptom of brokeness. The harder they virtue signal, the worse they are at doing their jobs.

Anyone who thought that San Francisco schools were going to dump the absurd wokeness and focus on education has another thing coming.

The word “chief” will no longer be used in reference to job titles in the San Francisco Unified School District in an effort, school officials said, to avoid the word’s connotation with Native Americans.

One can only imagine how the parents who watched their children's education get nuked feel about the exciting new SFUSD focus.

In math, every student group saw a drop in proficiency from the year prior, though some drops were more pronounced. Thirty-eight percent of African American students were marked “Proficient or above” in 2020-21, down from 46% one year earlier. Pacific Islander students with “Proficient of above” math marks dropped to 47% from 60%. District-wide proficiency was at 67%, down from 74%.

Now it's fixed though.

If the scores drop anymore, teachers will get another raise, SFUSD will spend a fortune on equity consultants and rename some schools. 

That's bound to work, chief.


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