A Very Racist Poll About Racism

There's good reason for being suspicious about this Washington Post poll because it has black people echoing woke lefty talking points even when they clearly contradict previous polls, for example having black people dismiss more police in favor of lefty holistic solutions to crime.

But let's zero in on this absurd and racist result.

A new Washington Post-Ipsos poll found that 75 percent of Black Americans polled are worried that they or someone they care about will be physically harmed because they are black...

How often does that happen?

We're not talking about staged white supremacist terror attacks like Buffalo or Charleston.

Seventy percent of Black Americans polled said they believed half or more white Americans hold white supremacist beliefs compared to 19 percent who believed fewer than half white Americans do.

That would be a widespread conviction that most white people are not only racist but white supremacists.

In the breakdown, 35% believe that most white people hold white supremacist views, while another 27% say that half of white people do.

Only 8% say very few.

That's not a survey of racism, it's a racist survey.


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