What's Leftist Senate Candidate Fetterman Hiding About His Health?

Unsatisfied with having a president on the disabled list, Pennsylvania Democrats decided to pick a radical leftist in the hospital as their Senate candidate.

Now basic questions are being asked. And not being answered.

It’s been more than a week since Lt. Gov. John Fetterman celebrated his win in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary from a Lancaster hospital, where he was recovering from a stroke and the implantation of a combination defibrillator-pacemaker. But the campaign’s explanation of his medical treatment doesn’t entirely make sense, according to cardiologists.

Fetterman’s campaign has said he’s on his way to a full recovery. Yet as that recovery continues at his home in Braddock, Fetterman hasn’t publicly answered questions himself about his health. And his campaign has refused multiple requests to interview his doctors, without giving any reason for that refusal.

What does Fetterman have to hide?

The uncertainty stems from how Fetterman’s campaign and his wife Gisele have characterized his heart condition: a common, irregular rhythm called atrial fibrillation (A-fib). They said the A-fib led to his May 13 stroke, and that is indeed a common cause of stroke. But when he got the defibrillator four days later, they said the device was implanted to treat the A-fib.

But that’s not what defibrillators are for, leading cardiologists not involved in his care to suggest that Fetterman, 52, has another heart condition the campaign hasn’t disclosed.

That's coming from the Philly Inquirer, hardly a conservative media outlet. And even respected cardiologists are going on the record to say that Team Fetterman are lying.

An implantable defibrillator, a device roughly the size of a tape measure, is placed in the chest of someone deemed to be at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Are Fetterman's people trying to minimize his medical condition? It sounds like they are. 

While stressing that they have no direct knowledge of Fetterman’s medical situation, Cooper and Pearson said a defibrillator would never be implanted unless a patient had another condition besides A-fib.

That could mean some underlying heart condition was resulting in both A-fib and an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Or it could mean the A-fib had been going on for a long time, leading to a weakened heart muscle that would necessitate the use of a defibrillator.

Instead of admitting that, the Fetterman campaign keeps doubling down.

Gisele Fetterman said she had seen news reports with cardiologists questioning if her husband had a second heart condition, but that she knew of none other than A-fib.

“I saw... speculations around his health by the doctors who didn’t treat him,” she said. “But the doctors who treated him, who are doctors, did not say that, no.”

There's the issue and there's the cover-up.

Either the outside cardiologists are wrong or Fetterman's people are lying.


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