You Don't Have to Pick a Side in Celeb Fights

Whether it's Chris Rock and Will Smith, or Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, you don't actually have to pick a side in celebrity slapfights, literal or metaphorical.

As a practical matter, these are battles between multi-million dollar leftist celebs who wouldn't reach out a hand if you were drowning. And as a moral matter of playing referee, we're talking here about emotionally unstable narcissists with substance abuse issues.

Asking which of them is wrong is like trying to referee battles between Iran and ISIS.

Everything they say about each other is probably true. It's possible for all of them to be wrong at the same time. And joining their teams is even sillier than cheering for woke NFL teams or China's NBA teams.

Conservatives only look silly when they jump on celebrity bandwagon disputes because the one thing you can count on an emotionally unstable narcissist to do is make whatever cause you were championing seem silly.

Take the conservatives who, for some incomprehensible reason, decided to champion Britney Spears. That, of course, ended in exactly the way that championing crazy people with lots of money who are dependent on public approval, but have no connection to reality, was ever going to end.

Politics is downstream of culture, but this isn't our culture, it's "their culture". It's the culture imposed on us by the leftist entertainment industry. When we play that game, we always lose.


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