Bernie Sanders Wants to Tell Apple How to Make its Phones

Senator Bernie Sanders, a socialist parasite who has never had a career or gainful employment outside politics, has thoughts on how Apple should make its phones.

Following European Union lawmakers reaching a deal to force all smartphones and tablets to have USB-C charging ports by 2024, a group of senate democrats are looking to implement a similar mandate in the U.S.

Government mandates usually work out well.

The letter, which was addressed to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, was penned by Ed Markey (D-MA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“The EU has wisely acted in the public interest by taking on powerful technology companies over this consumer and environmental issue,” the senators wrote. “The United States should do the same.”

If consumers want USB-C charging ports, they can buy Android-based devices. Apple is notorious for selling ridiculously overpriced devices and finding a thousand ways to gate customers in so that they're buying $2,000 monitor stands or some other nonsense. That's why I would never buy or use Apple. But clearly a whole lot of people want Apple devices. And they're willing to pay premium prices for them. If Apple were an actual monopoly, there might be an argument here. But Apple is just a company that made a lot of money by betting on the willingness of consumers to buy anything with an Apple logo on it. 

There's no reason why Apple can't have a proprietary charging port on its devices. And the only purpose of this little game is to have lobbyists descend on D.C. with big checks on behalf of Apple and companies making chargers to see who can hand out the most bribes.

Such a standard, if implemented, would wipe out Lightning ports on new devices, but would also have unknown effects (probably bad ones) on the development of future ports and devices.

Bernie Sanders, in any case, is particularly ill equipped to comment on the issue. He barely seems able to use the phone he has and doubtfully understands the difference. 


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