Biden Ambassador Nominee Warns of "Jewish Money"

Maybe Biden's appointee, Deborah Lipstadt, who is supposed to monitoring antisemitism can address this?

The Biden administration’s nominee to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Brazil spoke at length about the influence of Jewish money in politics, claiming the "Jewish lobby" exerts undue influence over the Democratic Party with its "major money."

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, a longtime diplomat and Democratic Party insider, is scheduled on Thursday to have her nomination advanced to the full Senate by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee...

Bagley, in a 1998 interview, a full copy of which was obtained by the Free Beacon, bemoaned "the influence of the Jewish lobby because there is major money involved." She went on to claim "the Democrats always tend to go with the Jewish constituency on Israel and say stupid things, like moving the capital to Jerusalem always comes up." Support for these Israel-related issues are due to "the Jewish factor, it’s money." 

 Bagley is the daughter of a judge who was appointed ambassador under Bill Clinton and held posts in the Obama administration. 

Why? Follow the... money.

I don't usually just cut and paste Wikipedia, but it's a neat enough summary.

Bagley is a major political donor and fundraiser who "over the years [has] raised millions of dollars for Democratic candidates." Her late husband, Smith W. Bagley (1935–2010), was an heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and a Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee, and the Bagleys were regarded as "two of the heaviest financial hitters in the [Democratic] party." Closely associated with the Clintons since Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, She was a major fundraiser during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016. Additionally, she and her husband have contributed over $1,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation. She was also "part of the national finance team for the Obama campaign, having personally raised over $350,000" as of August 2008. Bagley also "raised the maximum $600,000 for President Obama's inauguration events" in 2009. 

There's an obvious irony in a major donor ranting about Jewish money, but that's exactly the sort of person likeliest to think this way.

Beyond the Jewish money rant, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley went on an anti-Israel tour with Mike Farrell as documented in his book. The ARCA Foundation, involving her husband, is a regular donor to anti-Israel groups including the Soros-Koch Quincy Institute, the National Iranian American Council and the Rockefeller Family Fund Inc.

Long before all this, Catholic groups were attacking the couple and their political agenda.

Despite their inability to engage in extensive lobbying, Catholics in Alliance has been extremely successful in attracting large donors. Never a friend to the Catholic Church, George Soros, one of the earliest donors, contributed $50,000 to Catholics in Alliance in 2005 and another $100,000 in 2006 through his Open Society Institute. Likewise, Smith Bagley, a major Democratic donor and fundraiser, whose wife, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, is Chairman of the Board of Catholics in Alliance, came close to matching Soros with grants from his family’s Arca Foundation. With a long history of supporting progressive organizations like ACORN, the Gamaliel Foundation, People for the American Way, and Planned Parenthood, Arca contributed $50,000 to Catholics in Alliance in 2007 and another $75,000 in 2008.

Of course, rants about the Jews from progressives tend to get overlooked. 

Take Valerie Plame, the left's anti-Bush crush, whose antisemitism was about as blatant as any human being could manage. Despite that, Plame was able to launch a congressional run and finish second.

She still does appearances and fundraises and campaigns with Democrats.

Will the Biden administration voluntarily pull Elizabeth Frawley Bagley's nomination? Don't count on it. Will Senate Dems grow enough of a spine to block it? Only if Republicans push hard enough to embarrass them. And probably not even then.

"The language you used in regard to the Jewish community, Israel’s influence on our election, and Jewish money have me concerned," Sen. Ben Cardin (D., Md.) said during the hearing. "The choice of words was fit into the traditional tropes of anti-Semitism."

"I regret that you would think that it was a problem," Bagley told Cardin. "I certainly didn’t mean anything by it. It was a poor choice of words, but it was something that the interviewer had asked me, prompted by something about politics."

Bagley added that she is "very sorry about that choice of words."

Cardin noted that as a career diplomat, Bagley should be trained to more carefully choose her words.

But it's all about the money.

Elizabeth Bagley, nominee for ambassador to Brazil, contributed $2,519,864.10 in campaign contributions throughout her career. Most recently, she contributed $50,000 to Biden Victory Fund, $182,500 total to DNC in 2021, $100,00 total to the DNC from 2000-2002, and $100,200 total to the Hillary Victory Fund.


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