Biden in Talks to Unfreeze Billions of Dollars to Taliban

Why settle for cutting deals and trying to end sanctions on Venezuela and Iran, when Biden can also plow money into the Taliban.

I had previously documented how much money is still going as aid into Afghanistan, much of which will ultimately end up in Taliban hands.

Kicked in another $204 million.

That's on top of the $782 million in "humanitarian aid" allocated to Afghanistan last year since the Taliban took over. This year, Biden signed an executive order allocating $3.5 billion of the Afghan assets held in the Federal Reserve for the same purpose. But even not counting those funds, Biden has dedicated $986 million to Afghanistan since the Taliban took over.

That’s nearly $1 billion in taxpayer money and nearly $4.5 billion in total funds.

But now the radicals in the Biden administration are going further for Al Qaeda's allies.

Senior Biden administration officials are working with Taliban leadership on a mechanism to allow Afghanistan’s government to use its central bank reserves to deal with a severe hunger crisis 

 Biden aides have begun talks to restore to the Afghan government at least partial use of the frozen funds that are kept in U.S. institutions. 

I predicted this would happen using the feigned concern about a "humanitarian crisis". (Terror states are one perpetual humanitarian crisis.)

In February, Biden split the $7 billion in Afghanistan's central bank reserves between 9/11 victims (who had won a $6 billion judgment but may only see half of that after Biden's DOJ fought them in court) and aid for Afghanistan.

So there are billions at stake here.

In negotiations with Taliban officials, they have tried to set up a system through which career central bankers and bureaucrats could manage the assets to stabilize the Afghan economy — while simultaneously erecting safeguards that would ensure the funds are not siphoned off for misuse by the Taliban

No such safeguards would matter or work. The Taliban control the situation on the ground, which means they'll use the money how they please. Any officials in their territory will follow their orders.

Any thoughts otherwise are more of the same delusional nonsense behind signing a "peace accord" with the Taliban.

Senior administration officials have expressed optimism about the progress on talks,

Much as they did on the peace talks.

Mehrabi declined to comment on the details of the negotiations. He said talks are ongoing between the U.S. and the Taliban, but stressed that the “mechanism has not been finalized by all parties involved.” Mehrabi said food costs have skyrocketed by 18 percent in the past several months. Basic household goods rose in cost by 35 percent during the first few months of the year; in May, inflation for household goods hit 42 percent, Mehrabi said.

“These reserves belong to the Afghan people; they are needed to stabilize prices,” he said. “The faster it is delivered to the central bank of Afghanistan, the sooner we will see the impact of the reduction in prices that are critical to enable ordinary Afghans to afford food, cooking oil, and sugar and fuel. Now, they can’t do that.”

And Biden and his leftist regime are much more concerned about inflation and food prices in Talibanistan than in America.

These "reserves" belong to the American people. They're a fraction of the fortune that we lavished to "rebuild" Afghanistan. They belong to the victims of September 11 who won a court case that Biden illegally chose to disregard.

They don't belong to the terrorists. And even if they did, we would be within our rights to seize them.


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