Canary Mission's Exposure of Pro-Hamas 'Officer-of-the-Year' Ismail Quran Shows Why the ADL is Useless

The ADL has attacked Canary Mission because the pro-Israel site actually fights antisemitism by exposing Islamist, alt-left and alt-right bigots.

A few years ago, the ADL was forced to apologize for falsely accusing Canary Mission of "Islamophobic & racist rhetoric."

The anti-Israel Forward has repeatedly attacked Canary Mission and tried to cut off its funding.

JVP, an antisemitic hate group, smeared Canary Mission as a "a malicious website that seeks to vilify principled activists".

One of those principled activists is now in the news, thanks to Canary Mission.

A Cleveland police officer who was named the department’s 2019 officer of the year and received a distinguished service medal has been identified for antisemitic posts on his social media accounts prior to his tenure as a police officer.

James Pasch, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Cleveland, called the online statements "if accurate, horrific and antisemitic."

He told the CJN June 17, "If the allegations are accurate, we would expect the Cleveland Police Department to handle those allegations appropriately. And at ADL, we'll also look into the online statements."

The ADL had nothing to do with exposing Ismail Quran. Nor would it have done so even if it had the information on a silver platter. And it has attacked and obstructed Canary Mission which actually did the exposing.

The Cleveland Jewish News, for some reason, contacted the ADL for a statement, instead of Canary Mission, allowing the useless lefty group to posture.

Canary Mission compiled extensive information on the stuff that Quran was putting out there.

On the same day, Quran also tweeted: “...Israel invaded Palestine. Hamas defending their Land!!!!"

On July 14, 2014, Quran tweeted: “...F**k that Jew. Say something!" His tweet featured an image of Hitler with a caption that read: “LET ME SALUTE TO HITLER THE GREAT. He said ‘i would have killed all the jews of the world, but i kept some to show the world why i killed them.’"

On the same day, Quran tweeted: “Palestine is our land lmfao [laughing my f**king a** off] they invading so we fighting back. Trying but Jews get $ from US & Obama their puppet."

Canary Mission also pointed out that Quran was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's MSA, a subject that the ADL will no longer touch.

Quran is now under investigation due to Canary Mission's work.

 The Cleveland Division of Police is investigating after "inappropriate social media" posts were made by one of its officers in 2014.

A spokesperson for the department said Internal Affairs is looking into the matter. The officer, Ismail Quran, is currently on administrative duty, confirmed Cleveland police spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia.

"The City of Cleveland, Division of Police was made aware of a matter involving a Cleveland Police Officer and inappropriate social media content posted in 2014. The matter has been referred to the Cleveland Division of Police Internal Affairs Unit and the City of Cleveland’s Ethics Officer for thorough investigation. The City of Cleveland, Division of Police insists that officers provide the highest levels of professionalism and respect to all citizens. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated," Ciaccia said.

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Jeff Follmer said the tweets in question are from more than 10 years ago.

Not when it comes to Facebook.

In November 2017, Quran was a member of a closed Facebook group honoring Osama bin Laden.

Is there an expiration date on honoring Osama bin Laden and working in law enforcement?


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