“Everybody in San Francisco Now Has a Napa Place

Courtesy of the aforementioned article delving into the crisis management for Speaker Pelosi's husband after he racked up his DUI. Few people seem to be willing to go on the record except the guy who is very eager to be on and all over the record.

Kamala's sugar daddy, former Mayor Willie Brown, is eager to defend the Pelosi as ordinary humble folks.

The Pelosis have had a weekend home in Napa Valley since 1990, when they spent $2.35 million for their property, which came with a Palladian-style villa, guesthouse and pool.

“It’s not a palace,” Brown said. “If you go up there, you will notice that some people have places with caves for the wine and all that kind of stuff. That’s not what they have. They have a place you can actually live in, without servants. You wouldn’t bring the Three Tenors to sing.” But the Pelosis do have a vineyard, from which they sell grapes.

“Everybody in San Francisco now has a Napa place,” Brown continued. “Everybody who can afford it.”

Is Brown so out of touch that he thinks this is helping?

I do like the part where Brown seems to realize that “everybody in San Francisco now has a Napa place” might backfire and instead pivots over to, “Everybody who can afford it.”

Like his pals and the corrupt gang running the state. But I repeat myself.

Da Mayor celebrated his 88th birthday over the weekend with a handful of close friends, including dueling governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gavin Newsom. It all went down at Ahnold’s Brentwood mansion on Saturday, where the group dined on Wiener schnitzel. Sehr gut! “He’s gotta house like a museum,” said Brown. “It’s fabulous. The paintings. The statues. It’s all there.” …

It's a fabulous life. Everybody in San Francisco ought to have one.


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