Giving Kids "Puberty Blockers" Increases Suicide Rates

We already know this from the seventies when transgender experimentation on kids led to suicides.

John Money, the psychologist who coined the term "Gender Role" insisting that gender transcended sex, inflicted his theories on a little boy named David Reimer, who was raised as Brenda under a regime that could be best be described as horrifying child abuse. Reimer eventually reclaimed his masculinity and told his story in a book, "As Nature Made Him"; a title that the LGBT community would today consider a hate crime.

While Money claimed that Reimer was a "happy little girl", he was psychologically abusing the little boy. Reimer later committed suicide.

Biden, the Democrats, the media, and the current 'Money' experts claim that transgender experiments on kids are "medically necessary" to save their lives. But imposing a delusional state on kids is what's leading to those suicide rates.

A Heritage report by Jay Greene PhD shows that suicide rates are actually higher when puberty blockers are inflicted on vulnerable children by sexual identity politics experts and Munchausen-by-proxy parents.

Without making any adjustments, suicide rates among those ages 12 to 23 (blue line) begin to spike in states that have provisions that allow minors to access health care without parental consent relative to states that have no such provision around 2016, after cross-sex medical interventions became more common. By 2020, there are about 3.5 more suicides per 100,000 people ages 12 to 23 in states with easier access than in states without an access provision. There is no similar spike in suicide rates among those ages 28 to 39 (grey line) at that time.

And here's Jesse Singal, doing the work at his Substack that he likely couldn't do at The Atlantic showing how little data is behind the expert recommendations.

The American Medical Association document is “Health insurance coverage for gender-affirming care of transgender patients,” an “Issue Brief” coauthored by that organization and an organization called GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality. A key claim in it: “Recent research demonstrates that integrated affirmative models of care for youths, which include access to medications and surgeries, result in fewer mental health concerns than has been historically seen among transgender populations.” The footnote points to this study, this study, and this study. None of the three studies includes any outcome data at all. It’s very bad form for the AMA — an organization that we would hope would adhere to the highest standards of evidence — to claim X, and then point to not one but three studies that offer no statistical evidence in support of X. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics document is “Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents,” a “Policy Statement” published in Pediatrics. It’s written to be a general rundown of these issues for medical providers, and it barely touches on the evidence question. It does include the claim that “There is a limited but growing body of evidence that suggests that using an integrated affirmative model results in young people having fewer mental health concerns whether they ultimately identify as transgender.24,36,37” That’s a strikingly similar sentence to the AMA/GLMA one. And sure enough, those three endnotes are… the exact same three citations, in the same order, as are found in the AMA document. You know, the ones that offer no evidence about the outcomes of kids who go through this protocol...

Singal keeps going through the material that the experts are citing and finds that there's nothing actually there except official statements from organizations citing each other and bolstering each other in an expert scrum that isn't remotely fact-based.

Meanwhile the lives of children are being destroyed in an identity politics frenzy.


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