Gov. Hochul Announces Plan to Make Times Square a "Gun Free Zone"

"The politics of failure have failed, we must make them work again."

A woman pushing a baby in a stroller was shot in the head at close-range and killed in Manhattan Wednesday night, police said.

The shooting happened just after 8:20 p.m. in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, police noted. Authorities are searching for a suspect.

The Upper East Side. Not the Bronx. Nowhere is safe. If only the Upper East Side had been declared a gun-free zone? Stupid, yes. But also the plan.

Gov. Hochul refuses to undo any of the pro-crime policies that released criminals onto the street and eliminated bail for criminals so that there's a constant revolving door. But she's got an excitingly stupid new plan.

"I've come up with a tight package," Hochul said.

Hochul said she will ask Albany lawmakers to approve laws that will limit the places a gun can be carried and establish additional requirements to determine who should be able to have a concealed-carry permit.

"Do you believe places like Times Square will be a gun-free zone?" CBS2's Mary Calvi asked the governor.

"We are looking to craft language to ensure that that happens, yes," Hochul said.

That'll fix that. Remember the Times Square Bombing? Hopefully, Albany Dems will also pass a bill declaring Times Square a 'bomb-free zone'. Once they pass that bill, the bombs won't be able to come in.


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