"How Much More Carnage Are We Willing To Accept?" Asks President of Party That Unleashed Crime Wave

Two sets of statistics that Biden's teleprompter, his party, and their media don't want to talk about.

“In 2020, one out of every 1,000 young Black males (15–34) was shot and killed.”

Even though young black males only make up “2% of the total population”, they account for  “38% of all gun homicide fatalities” with a gun homicide rate “almost 21 times higher than white males of the same age group.”

“More than half of all black teens (15–19) who died in 2020—a staggering 52%—were killed by gun violence,” it shockingly observes.

And another set.

3,595 black people were murdered in 2019. But in 2020, 5,839 black people were murdered.

That's an additional 2,244 black people killed.

56% of the murder victims of 2020 were black.

The Democrats, with the aid of some Republican useful idiots who signed on to "criminal justice reform", did this. Black Lives Matter did this. The entire cultural moment did this. 

Since no Democrat will talk about that, beyond timidly critiquing "defund police" as a bad slogan, here's some more hollow posturing about guns.

“How much more carnage are we willing to accept?” Biden asked, demanding Republicans in particular end their blockade of gun control votes.

Yes, if only government gets the power to eliminate legal guns, all the drug dealers won't be able to get hold of them. Just like they're not able to get hold of guns.

The good news, such as it is, is no one gives a damn. With inflation out of control, people's savings being wiped out, and the price of basic staples moving out of reach, the old issues have little zing. If Roe v. Wade getting aborted couldn't shake things up, another "give us your guns so we can wait around for an hour during a shoot" ain't gonna do it. Meanwhile the Democrat criminal justice reform crime wave is destroying cities and killing thousands.


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