“I Wanted to Kill Them” : Jury Finds Times Square Car Rammer Not Responsible

And they say the seventies aren't back.

But of course, Manhattan's DA is now Alvin Bragg, a guy so bent on freeing all the criminals that even the Soros network seemed a bit leery of him.

Times Square car rammings followed by a jury shrugging might be bad for tourism, but where are the tourists going to go, New York City officials think, L.A., Philly, San Fran? Soros DAs are everywhere. Or almost everywhere. So take your chances that you won't be run over by a madman who is then deemed not responsible.

[Rojas] plowed his car through a pedestrian-packed, midday Times Square in 2017 —  telling a traffic cop afterwards, “I wanted to kill them” — will avoid jail time despite taking the life of an 18-year-old tourist in the rampage that also left 22 others injured.

That was the decision of a Manhattan jury Wednesday that deliberated just six hours before buying  the insanity defense of Richard Rojas, 31, finding him “not responsible” due to mental illness.

Defense lawyers had maintained Rojas wasn’t in control of his actions when he unleashed the May 18, 2017 carnage that took the life of  young Alyssa Elsman

“I think it’s bulls—t,” the dead Michigan teen’s dad, Thomas Elsman, had told The Post about Rojas’ claims he was too crazy to know what he was doing.

The verdict — of “not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect” on one count of murder and 23 assault charges — means Rojas will likely be committed to a mental health facility, instead of facing a lengthy prison term.

It's not like there wasn't plenty of warning. 

Rojas, a Bronx resident, had several run-ins with the law before his rampage including a May 2017 arrest where he put a knife to a notary’s throat and claimed the person stole his ID.

If only there was a functional criminal justice system capable of putting away monsters before or even after the fact.

Her mother, Jyll Elsman, broke down on the stand as she remembered seeing her older daughter Alyssa’s lifeless body on the sidewalk.

“She was just laying there and she wasn’t moving,” Jyll Elsman testified. “Her eyes, I looked into her eyes and I knew she was dead. They were staring off into space. There was no life.”

Another victim’s pelvis had been separated from her spine.

The jurors didn't give a damn. And I can hazard a pretty good guess why.

In a message on social media, Jyll Elsman slammed the jury’s verdict.

“Really the only thing I have to say is if this had happened to any of the juror’s children — would they still have said ‘not responsible’?” she wrote.

Probably not. But to paraphrase Obama, the Elsmans don't look like they could have been their kids. Richard Rojas does.


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