Islamic Terror Attack Hits Norwegian Gay Bar

Islamic terrorism isn't going away any time soon, but it tends to be more pervasive in Europe.

And this shooting will obviously bring back memories of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando by an Islamic terrorist.

Two people died and 21 were wounded early on Saturday in what police called an "act of Islamist terrorism".

The shootings were in and near the London Pub, a popular LGBTQ+ venue, the Herr Nilsen jazz club and another pub.

Norway's prime minister told the BBC the suspect was questioned in May, but was not deemed a threat at the time.

So business as usual.

The suspect, charged with terrorism, is a Norwegian citizen originally from Iran, and was “known to the police,” but has only received “minor convictions” up until now, prosecutor Christian Hatlo told reporters in Oslo Saturday.

"Iran" as an origin point sticks out. Shiite terrorism is usually organized under Iran's umbrella and does not involve lone wolf attackers. The country has a Sunni population. 

ISIS has also dissuaded its supporters from hitting gay bars after the Pulse massacre which was misunderstood as an anti-gay attack. ISIS wants the motives to be clear. And the Pulse massacre keeps being misrepresented as an anti-gay attack. That hasn't stopped one or two terror plots from targeting gay targets.

Alternatively, like the Pulse massacre, it might all just be an unintentional coincidence.


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