J6 Isn't About Republicans, It's About Democrat Turnout

Stop me if you've heard this show before.

There is no question: Merrick Garland must put Trump on trial  - Boston Globe

In one form or another, we've been hearing variations of this routine since 2016. It's served various functions, not least of which was weaponizing the DOJ and FBI against conservatives, but one obvious function was to try and rally Democrats behind two mediocre and little liked candidates named Hillary and Joe.

After the Mueller investigation, this is just the latest chorus in the same opera.

Do any of the players really expect to put Trump on trial? Not that they wouldn't like to, but it's more of the same empty theater as Mueller whose real purpose is trying to hearten Democrats and desperately boost turnout for the midterm and eventually presidential elections that don't look to be going their way.

Unable to offer much of anything, they've still got Trump as a boogeyman. And actually defeating him would also defeat their purpose. 

Much as Mueller was replaced by J6, it will in turn be replaced by something else, some other angle that promises idiots a payoff, keeps cable TV news viewership up and the clicks flowing and the donations coming.


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