Majority of Democrat Men Under 50 Say "Feminism Has Done More Harm Than Good"

These results from a Southern Poverty Law Center survey (yes, I know) are really something.

While the SPLC predictably plays up the Great Replacement Theory stuff, its own survey testifies to the catastrophic collapse of feminism.

46% of younger Democratic men, defined as anyone under 50, say that feminism has "done more harm than good."

41%, a minority, disagree.

That's in contrast to 94% of Democrat men over 50 supporting feminism to only 4% opposed.

This is a catastrophic narrative failure. 

Baby Boomer support for feminism has turned into majority opposition among Gen X and millennial men.

A second survey question asks whether men should "be represented and valued more in our society."

63% of male boomer Dems disagreed while only 28% agreed. Among younger Dem men, 60% agree and only 29%  disagree.

This is a vast generational and gender chasm.

Younger male Democrats resent the impact and influence of feminism on their lives. They see themselves being shut out of colleges and jobs, and face instant economic and social destruction at the hands of the #MeToo movement.

And those are just the Democrat numbers.


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