Only 29% of Spanish Speaking Latinos Think Abortion Should Be Legal

This is going to make intersectionality really awkward.

First, there was the recent poll showing that black people are least likely to believe that you can change gender by thinking really hard about it.

Most Democrats say that whether a person is a man or a woman can be different from their sex at birth (61% vs. just 13% of Republicans).

61% of white people believe that you are born a man or a woman, and 38% disagree.

68% of black people believe it and only 31% disagree.

That's one lefty cause du jour, this is the other one.

Only 29% of Latinos who spoke only Spanish at home said abortion should be legal, compared to 63% of Latinos who spoke only English.

Axios hasn't properly released its data, but its poll press release also mentions that...

A majority of second (59%) and third (62%) generation Latinos agree that abortion should be legal, compared to less than half of first-generation Latinos (41%).

Second look at getting Planned Parenthood on board for border security?

While generational time and English skills are generally seen as markers for making Latino immigrants more willing to vote Republican, on social issues they, like black people, tend to be more socially conservative the more of a minority group they are. The same is true of Jews and of a variety of other minorities. Unassimilated minorities tend to be more traditional and less woke. 

So the results aren't surprising except that they deliver another body blow to the majority-minority premise that lefties were hoping would let them take over America.

The alliance between San Francisco cultural lefties and the Democrat minority base looks none too healthy.


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