Stacey Abrams Was For Defunding Police Before She Was Against It

What a difference a few years and a massive crime wave make.

CAMEROTA: And so that leads us to the larger conversation that we've been having for three -- at least three weeks now, and that's the, what do we do about police departments? What about the defunding argument, which is, that if you take some of the money away from police departments and put it into community programs that that would be more helpful. Do you agree with that?

ABRAMS: I agree that we have to have two conversations at the exact same time. We have to have a reform conversation that acknowledges that the murder of George Floyd, the murder of Breonna Taylor, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the murder of Tony Dade, the murder of Rayshard Brooks, the murder of black men and women who's litany is too long to go into on the show.

That those behaviors have to be changed, because we do have legitimate needs for public safety, for domestic violence victims, for children who are risk. There are real reasons to have public safety, but the way we currently construct our police and the way we dehumanize those who should benefit from their safety must stop.

But we also have to reallocate resources to invest in community. We have to improve education, we have to improve healthcare, we have to improve community programs that actually widen the likelihood of communities of color, particularly black communities surviving and thriving. And the notion that we have to put these two conversations in conflict is false. What is true is that we can and must do both. Reallocate resources for the public good and for the humanization of black communities, but also make certain that extra judicial killings do not continue in our country.

CAMEROTA: So -- so yes, to some defunding?

ABRAMS: We have to reallocate resources, so yes. 

So, yes.

Except Abrams, using Biden's playbook, now insists that she never lost that election and never wanted to defund the police.

This week, Kemp's campaign released an ad accusing Abrams of supporting the "defund the police" movement in a past television appearance and has attacked her position on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which has included that rhetoric in social media posts.

"I do not, and have never said, and have never supported defunding the police," Abrams told Axios, accusing Kemp of "cherry-picking information."

By, "cherry-picking information", Abrams means quoting the words that came out of her mouth. How unfair.


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