White Student Claims Justice Clarence Thomas Teaching at GWU Makes Him "Unsafe"

Safe spaces wanted.

More than 3,600 people have signed a petition calling on GW to remove Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas from his role as a professorial lecturer in law at GW Law after he voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Thomas has lectured at GW Law since 2011, co-teaching a constitutional law seminar with his former clerk Gregory Maggs, and is set to teach that course again in the Fall 2022 semester, according to GW Law’s course catalog.

Good luck with that. Even at GWU which has bent over backward in bowing to wokeness.

“With his explicit intention to further strip the rights of queer people and remove the ability for people to practice safe sex without fear of pregnancy, it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas at George Washington University is completely unacceptable,” the petition states.

If you guessed that the petition was created by an obnoxious white woke philosophy major, you win something. I don't know what. Possibly having to read his petition.

Jon Kay, a rising junior majoring in international affairs and philosophy, made the petition Sunday afternoon after learning of Thomas’ position at GW Law. He said he started the petition because he felt Thomas’ position on the right to an abortion, as well as his signaling of reconsiderations of Obergefell v. Hobbes and Lawrence v. Texas, which respectively outlawed bans against same-sex marriage and sodomy, threatened students.

“I think that it’s unacceptable that he’s on campus because this decision and then the three decisions that he’s actively going after explicitly are actively endangering the lives of the students on campus,” Kay said.

Unsafe, unsafe! A black man is making Jon Kay feel unsafe.

The full petition states that the Supreme Court has "has stripped the right to bodily autonomy of people with wombs" and claims that "it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas at George Washington University is completely unacceptable" who, according to Kay, "is actively making life unsafe for thousands of students on our campus".

Only a white philosophy student can save "people with bombs" from the only black male justice on the Supreme Court.


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