'Woke' Gets Cancelled. Literally.

They say, "go woke, go broke". 

But Woke, in a bit of irony, got canceled. The Hulu TV show that is.

Woke, the live action-animated comedy inspired by the life of award-winning artist Keith Knight, has been canceled by Hulu after two seasons.

Woke was, well, woke.

In the Hulu series Woke, Keef Knight is a black cartoonist who loves attending comic cons and tries his best to return lost wallets. But his world is turned upside down after he has a traumatic encounter with police, who pin him to the ground after they wrongly assume he's a mugger on the loose.

The police eventually let Keef go but they don't apologize for their mistake.

Now, following up on the police, Disney (Hulu) canceled him. That follows up on Netflix jettisoning some of its more woke products. Both Netflix and Disney+ have been running into some financial issues with their streaming budgets. And woke virtue signaling may be starting to become too expensive to afford.


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