33% of Americans Worry About Inflation, 15% Gas Prices, 5% Abortion

Democrats want to make the midterms about abortion. There's one big problem. Americans are upset about the economy and don't care about abortion. 

In the latest Monmouth poll, 33% of Americans rank inflation as their top concern while 15% list gas prices. 9% mention the economy and 6% grocery prices. And only 5% list abortion.

Over 70% list various economic concerns. Social hot button issues are on the back burner. So is national security. And the second amendment.

57% also say that the actions of the federal government have hurt them, only 8% say that they have helped them.

So much for the abortion or BLM or gender identity midterms. When people can't afford to eat or drive, they don't care about the hot button issues.


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