Black Lives Matter Celebrates 4th w/Race Riots and Vandalism

Another police shooting means it's time for more mostly peaceful race riots.

A state of emergency was called in Akron, Ohio, on Monday following protests that took place on Sunday night over the death of Jayland Walker, a black man who died after police shot him dozens of times. 

“Early yesterday, we had several peaceful protests in the downtown footprint related to the officer-involved shooting of Jayland Walker. These protests did not escalate to violence and destruction,” Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan (D) said in a statement. 

More peaceful protests escalating to violence. 

A peaceful protest is inherently peaceful. If a protest escalates to violence that means that it was always inherently violent.

“However, as night fell and others began to join, the protests became no longer peaceful. There was significant property damage done to downtown Akron. Small businesses up and down Main St. have had their windows broken. We cannot and will not tolerate the destruction of property or violence,” he said.

But more mostly peaceful stuff.

Cleanup efforts were underway early Monday morning in downtown Akron where some windows were broken amid overnight protests in response to the shooting death of Jayland Walker.

3News witnessed crews boarding up windows and sweeping up glass at multiple locations along South Main and East Exchange near Canal Park.

If only the police "deescalated" more.

- A group of black elected officials from Summit County called on Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan to direct the city’s police force to focus on de-escalation tactics in responding to ongoing protests over the police killing of Jayland Walker.

“Simply put, the response should be de-escalation, not militarization,” the statement from the group said.

“We need decision-making that is thoughtful, considerate and led with compassion in these defining moments,” the statement said. “We need real solutions and real answers and we are committed to ensuring that we have a substantive policy and systemic change in the days and weeks ahead. But this doesn’t not happen without the support of the community who needs time to grieve and express their pain.”

And you can't grieve without smashing up a sushi place.


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