House Dems Tried to Pass a Policing Package to Show They Don't Want To Defund Police. They Failed.

Bad news for the big Dem "Fund the Police" rebrand.

The highlight of the Democrats rebranding from "defund the police" to "fund the police" was going to be linking a police funding bill to a gun ban, packaging the two together, getting Republicans to oppose them, and suddenly Democrats could pretend that they were the party of law enforcement trying to fight crime.

While Republicans were the ones undermining to fight against criminals.

But the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight Except At Their Own Feet couldn't manage that either because, despite the pretense that police defunding isn't a Democrat position, a talking point rolled out from Biden on down, the Defund Police caucus remains influential.

Dem moderates and the Congressional Black Caucus brokered a compromise that the Squad and its allies nuked because they hate the police.

That also included embattled pol Rep. Andy Levin who sold what was left of his tarnished soul to the Left.

Aod so the policing package is out and Dems are now being pushed to vote on an "assault rifle" ban without the camouflage of police funding. This will hurt the House Dems in rural swing districts that had been begging for a police funding vote.

Instead the message is that the Democrats won't fight crime, but will prevent Americans from defending themselves against criminals.


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