Paris Feminists, Beset by Muslim Rapists, Protest Over Roe v. Wade

A helpful reminder that women need feminism like a fish needs a bicycle. American feminists have presided over the eradication of the very concept of women while championing the right to men to cosplay as women. But they're furious over abortion for "birthing people". French feminists insist on more Muslim migrants and then protest angrily over an abortion ruling in another country.

The Supreme Court last week overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, restoring the ability of individual states to ban abortion.

Protesters in Paris marched towards the Eiffel Tower, chanting "Solidarity, with women all over the world," holding up hangers or placards with slogans like "My body = my decision".

The protesters, mostly women of all ages, were also joined by men.

"When women are harmed, it's all humanity that is harmed," teacher Kisito Massengo said.

France's legal abortion limit is 14 weeks. That's widely out of step with what American Democrats want which is abortion until the moment of birth.

And women in Paris have a much bigger problem that French feminists insist on ignoring.

In my article, "The Most Dangerous Countries for Women in Europe Have Large Muslim Immigration", I pointed out that, "At 0.86, Serbia has one of the lowest sexual assault rates in Europe. And at 8.8, France has one of the highest. Eastern European countries, generally not known for their militant feminism, have low rates while the more “progressive” Western European countries suffer from very high rates."

A Le Parisien study used criminal records from "the rapes committed in Paris over a specific period (2013 and 2014)" and found that "more than half of them (52%) are of foreign nationality (without specifying the country of origin) and 44% are unemployed."

The sexual assault rates in France, in general, and Paris, specifically, are stratospherically high. And that can't be discussed except through nonsensical measures like criminalizing catcalling, because the perpetrators are a protected class.

The perpetrators of petty theft and sexual offenses on public transport in the Paris region are foreign nationals, data from the Ministry of Interior’s statistical service (SSMSI) shows . According to the ministry’s data, in 2019, 93 percent of those charged with non-violent theft on the public transport system of Île-de-France, the central French region including Paris with over 12 million inhabitants, were born outside France. Additionally, 63 percent of the perpetrators of sexual assault were foreigners...On the side of victims, those who were subject to petty theft in the same region were mostly French (64 percent), while 87 percent of those suffering sexual attacks were also French.

Much easier to protest over the Dodds ruling than to discuss the real threat to women.


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