This Thing That Will Happen at the Jan 6 Hearings Will Change Everything

This thing that will happen at the January 6 hearings will change everything. It will be incredible except no one will actually be watching. Then every pundit in America will talk about it. But no one will actually pay attention. 

The media will assure us that thing that someone said will change everything. Then they will try to explain why it didn't actually change anything. 

And then they will assure us that the thing that will happen next really will change everything. 

Some pundits will just use a search and replace function to dust off their old articles about the Steele dossier, the Mueller investigation and that time Rachel Maddow drank a pot of coffee and spent 45 minutes hyperventilating while jabbing one stubby finger at a map of Russia, which actually turned out to be a map of Uzbekistan, to rewrite their old articles insisting that this time the thing that just happened is really going to change everything. Honest. 

And if that doesn't change everything, wait till next week, next month or next year.

Meanwhile, people are paying $7 bucks a gallon and bread is up 60%. And that really does change everything.


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