Biden's Racist DOJ Illegally Goes After Officers Who Shot Back After Being Attacked by Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend

I warned that the more unpopular Biden becomes, the more he's going to ignore any effort to speak to the rest of the country and will aggressively pander to his racist and radical base. And Biden has staffed his administration with racists and radicals who know this may be their last chance to destroy America.

Despite currently pretending to be pro-police, AG Garland and racist AAG Kristen Clarke have announced that they are illegally targeting the law enforcement personnel who shot back after being attacked by Breonna Taylor's boyfriend.

As David Horowitz wrote in 2020, "The other man in Breonna Taylor’s life in March 2020 was her new boyfriend, 27-year-old Kenneth Walker, a low-grade drug dealer."

"Investigators also recovered photos of Taylor and Walker posing with firearms. In one photo stored on Walker's phone, a smiling Taylor stood next to Walker as he held a Glock 9mm handgun and a Springfield Saint AR-15. The picture was accompanied by a caption that read, “Partners in crime,” along with a cartoon rendering of handcuffs."  

Walker opened fire on the officers and shot one of them in the leg. The cops returned fire and ended up killing Walker's girlfriend. 

Kentucky jurors quickly threw out the one case that was brought to trial. 

But now Biden, Garland and Clarke are trying to lynch the police officers who responded while under fire.

The DOJ lynch document charges one of the officers with civil rights violations that "includes two civil rights charges alleging that Hankison willfully used unconstitutionally excessive force, while acting in his official capacity as an officer, when he fired his service weapon into Taylor’s apartment through a covered window and covered glass door. Count One charges him with depriving Taylor and a person staying with Taylor in her apartment of their constitutional rights by firing shots through a bedroom window that was covered with blinds and a blackout curtain."

According to Biden, civil rights means the right to fire at police officers. 

This is what happens when racial supremacists like Clarke are put in charge of the DOJ.


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