China Strikes Back, Will No Longer Help Environmentalists Destroy American Economy

Give the Chicoms some credit, they know exactly what will strike terror into the hearts of Pelosi's donor base.

Beijing on Friday suspended climate talks with the U.S., as it announced a raft of measures in retaliation for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

John Kerry just rolled under the table, grabbed his knees and wept like a baby.

But considering that environmentalism is China's biggest lever for destroying America's economy, this seems straight out of Blazing Saddles to me. Sure, John is gonna run to Biden and scream that the world will end and we have to let China do anything it wants to anyone who isn't married to him to save the planet.

Schumer, Manchin and Sinema just made sure that the government will tax the middle class to death to subsidize green energy garbage from China. 

In a world without Earth Day, America's economy would be three times its current size and China would be selling us chopsticks. 

So who's terrified here?

China and the U.S., for instance, agreed a deal to cut methane emission on the sidelines of the COP26 U.N. climate change talks late last year. It's now unclear whether Beijing will continue to honor its side of the agreement.

It's unclear whether Beijing will pretend to honor it or admit they're not honoring it. Either way, our lefty establishment will honor it anyway. Just like Russian arms accords.

China's decision to suspend bilateral talks on climate change with the United States does not punish Washington, "it punishes the world," U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change John Kerry said on Friday.

It punishes China and the Green ecohoaxers who depend on China to destroy our economy. That's why China is going to drop it before too long, just in time for us to buy their slave labor solar panels and batteries to save the planet.

John Kerry argued that we had to ignore slave labor and massive abuses in China to keep the solar panels coming. Now we'll have to accept the conquest of Taiwan to save the planet from the weather.


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