Warner Bros Discovery Jettisons Woke Batwoman Batgirl, Woke Biz

Last year I did an article listing some of the insane woke extremes which Warner Brothers/HBO Max had embraced.

 Warner’s streaming effort to compete with Netflix, urges audiences to subscribe and tune in to an adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates's racist black nationalist tract “Between the World and Me”.

Turner Classic Movies, owned by Warner Bros, launched a series condemning classic movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Mickey Rooney's buck teeth), "My Fair Lady" (misogyny), and "Psycho" (transphobia),  it promotes the worst possible hatred of white people with million dollar contracts and massive billboards.

Warner Bros rewarded Coates’ racism further by having him write the script for a black Superman. Possible directors include Shaka King, the director of the Black Panthers propaganda flick, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, who had declared, “I haven’t needed white people to care about what I do in years now” and “a centrist is, in many ways, more dangerous than a white nationalist, because they’re really silently propping up the system”.

HBO Max’s’ Between the World and Me includes Alicia Garza, a co-founder of BLM. Garza is one of two BLM co-founders who is at home at Warner Bros. The Warner Brothers Television Group had signed a production deal with Patrisse Cullors: a self-described Marxist.

There's some signs that Warner Bros. Discovery, the new hybrid company created out of WB's IPs and platforms and Discovery's content channels is trying to step back from some of the wokeness. 

CNN has been told by its new boss to cut back on the partisan politics and conspiracymongering. The obnoxiously woke Batwoman, whose original premise as a Jewish lesbian was apparently not edgy enough so that the TV show's protagonist eventually became black, was canceled earlier this year.

And now WB Discovery is even dumping its terrible woke Batgirl movie.

The DC Comics film “Batgirl” will be completely “shelved” by Warner Bros., a top Hollywood source told The Post. 

That means it won’t hit theaters or the streaming service HBO Max. Fans will not see it.

The reportedly $70 million movie (the source said the budget was actually more than $100 million), which was doing test screenings for audiences in anticipation of a late 2022 debut, would rank among the most expensive cinematic castoffs ever.  

Those tests were said to be so poorly received by moviegoers that the studio decided to cut its losses and run, for the sake of the brand’s future. It’s a DC disaster.

It’s been a monthslong walk of shame for the movie. “Batgirl,” directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (“Bad Boys for Life”), received not a single mention at DC’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego in July — an unusual move that raised industry eyebrows. 

It's especially unusual in an era of Peak TV where everyone is desperate for content and HBO Max cannibalized WB's theater business with releases like the Wonder Woman sequel.

This is not just about saving money. WBD unusually set out to kill Batgirl and bury it out back. The test screenings, I'm sure, were terrible, but most woke productions are. 

This is about signaling that Warner Brothers Discovery wants to turn a page on the giant cultural woke dumpster fire from the HBO Max era. Even its streaming service is reportedly getting a name change.

Sometimes you have to go woke and hit bottom before waking up again. Let's hope that's what happened here.


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